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VFW Scholarships from the Club

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VFW Scholarships

VFW scholarships provide educational opportunities not only for the children and grandchildren of veterans of foreign wars, but also all other children as well. While there is sometimes a common misconception that only children or grandchildren of veterans of foreign wars may apply for a VFW scholarship that is not the case. This club scholarship program is open to all children, even those whose parents or grandparents have never actually served in the military.

There is one important reason why the VFW encourages all children beyond just those who parents have served in the U.S. military while fighting in foreign wars. This is because of the subject matter upon which the VFW scholarship contest is based. The club scholarship contest is actually an essay contest that is based on the theme of patriotism. While the annual theme of the essay contest may vary somewhat, the primary theme is always related to the subject of patriotism. The reason for this is that the VFW, which is the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization, is patriotic by nature. This organization works to foster patriotism in any manner possible. Hosting a VFW scholarship contest based on the subject of patriotism is an excellent way of doing so. College bound students are encouraged to enter the VFW scholarship contest by composing an essay on the subject of patriotism.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars has a membership of more than 2.2 million members that serve through 8,100 posts around the world. The mission of the VFW is to honor the deceased by assisting the living. This is accomplished through community service, veterans’ service, a strong national defense and national security. The provision of VFW scholarships is an excellent community service through the establishment of patriotism and goodwill toward the United States military.

Many VFW Scholarships from the VFW Club

There are actually several different VFW club scholarships that are sponsored through the VFW and its partners. One such scholarship is the Voice of Democracy Scholarship Competition. This is the organization’s premier program for high school students in grades 9-12. Applicants are encouraged to write and then record a broadcast script on a patriotic theme. Each year 3 million VFW scholarships are awarded with more than 100,000 students competing. The entry deadline for this scholarship is November 1st.

The Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest is for students in grades 6 through 8. Applicants are encouraged to express their views on democracy while writing an original essay for submission in this contest. Approximately $115,000 is awarded annually through this contest. The entry deadline to apply for this club scholarship contest is November 1st.

The VFW Scout of the Year Scholarship is specifically for Boy Scouts. Applicants must have received a Venture Scouting Silver Award, Boy Scout Eagle Award or Sea Scout Quartermaster Award in order to compete in this VFW scholarship contest. The entry deadline for this scholarship contest is March 1st.

Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars has Three Club Scholarships

The Ladies Auxiliary VFW organization also hosts a VFW scholarship contest. The Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars is the women’s equivalent of the VFW. Around the world, there are approximately 582,000 members in the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Ladies Auxiliary members are involved in numerous activities that differ from that of the VFW, but serve under the same mission. The Ladies Auxiliary hosts three club scholarships for students in grades 9 through 12. Each of these VFW scholarships are application-type scholarship contests. All applications are judged on past activities such as school activities, junior unit activities and grades.

The three Ladies Auxiliary VFW scholarships are the Junior Girls Scholarship, the Young American Creative Patriotic Art contest and the Continuing Education Scholarships. Individuals interested in applying for these club scholarship contests should contact their local Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars post.

Children of veterans as well as all other children can benefit greatly by sending in timely applications for the various VFW scholarships hosted through the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization.

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