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Elks Club Scholarships

elks scholarships

Elks Club Scholarships

Each year, more than $3.64 million is offered through Elks Club scholarships. The Elks National Foundation Scholarship provides college scholarships through three different programs. The provision of college club scholarships through the Elks Foundation is based on a commitment to community service. There are Elks Club lodges located throughout the United States, with a total of nearly 1 million members and 2,000 lodges situated around the country. As a whole, the Elks provide a number of charitable services to assist in their overall goal of building stronger communities. The provision of the Elks scholarship is one way they accomplish this goal.

Elks Club Scholarships Guidelines

When applying for an Elks Club scholarship, it is important to keep in mind that the application process as well as the deadlines may vary for each club scholarship program. All applications for the Elks scholarship programs must typically go through an Elks Lodge on the local level before being sent on to the Elks National Foundation office.

Various Elk Scholarship Awards

The Most Valuable Student Scholarships are some of the more well-known Elks Club Scholarships. Numerous 4-year scholarships are awarded on a national basis through this program. The Elk scholarship may range in value from $1,000 per year to $15,000 per year. Scholarships are awarded to seniors in high school. The club scholarships are based on financial need as well as leadership abilities.

Elks scholarships also include those known as the Legacy Awards. These Elk scholarships are typically worth $4,000 spread out over a period of four years. They are merit-based and are awarded to the children and grandchildren of Elk members of are in good standing with their local lodges.

The Elks Club also offers Emergency Educational Grants. These Elks Club scholarships are one-year educational grants that are made available to the children of Elks who are deceased or completely disabled.

When considering applying for Elks Club scholarships it should be kept in mind that all Elk scholarships are only for undergraduate study. Students may not receive more than one grant or scholarship award within a single year. All Elks scholarship awards, with the exception of the Emergency Educational Grant, include a Certificate of Award that is presented by the Elks National Foundation office in Chicago. All checks related to the club scholarships are paid directly to the school office. Checks are not submitted directly to students.

Award monies may be used toward the cost of attendance. Students receiving a scholarship are required to have their school send the Elks National Foundation office a Verification of Enrollment form in order for checks to be issued. In the event the student should terminate their enrolment, unused funds must be returned to the foundation. Funds cannot be transferred to another school.

Contact Local Lodge for Elks Scholarships First

When submitting an application for an Elks Club scholarship, it is important to make sure you contact your local lodge to ensure you have all of the relevant details and documents for applying. Since all Elks scholarships must go through a local lodge before being forwarded to the national office, it is also important to make certain you submit your Elk scholarship application well in advance of the deadline for applying. This will help to ensure your application reaches the final destination in ample time for you to be considered for a scholarship or grant.

When applying for an Elks Club scholarship you may be required to submit an application as well as additional documentation, including a high school transcript as well as documentation verifying you are the child or grandchild of an Elk, if such requirements apply to the Elks scholarship for which you are applying.

You may also need to submit proof of financial need for certain scholarships as well. For some Elks Club Scholarships, letters of recommendation may be required if the club scholarships are merit-based, such as the Most Valuable Student Scholarship. Be sure to consult your local lodge regarding specific qualification and eligibility requirements for the Elk scholarships you plan to apply for.

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