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FreeMasons Scholarships

Each year the Freemasons award Masons scholarships to well-deserving high school students. The Freemasons are a fraternal organization that operates on an international level. This club is based on ideals of personal morality, public service and the belief in a higher power. Masons groups are divided into local levels known as lodges. Each lodge is responsible for overseeing activities in their own specific region or community. Freemasons are known as being strong advocates of higher education. Some Masonic scholarships may be targeted for the children of other Masons, although some Masonic lodge scholarships may be aimed at assisting other students.

Freemason scholarships also include the Scottish Rite Scholarships. This Masonic scholarship is administered by the Supreme Council of Scottish Rite Masonry, which is the largest Masonic rate in the U.S. A number of different Mason scholarships are offered through this club. They include the Grand Commander Scholarships. These Masons scholarships are intended to provide assistance to students studying at an accredited institute of higher learning in the U.S. The Public School Administration Scholarship is given out to students who are dedicated themselves to public school education and who are engaged in graduate study. Grants are also issued to students who are seeking either undergraduate or graduate degrees at George Washington University. Additionally, the Scottish Rite Graduate Fellowship through George Washington University requires that all students be affiliated with a Scottish Rite Masonic organization in the United States.

Freemasons Scholarships for Non Lodge Members

There are also other Masonic lodge scholarships that do not require students to be affiliated with a Masonic lodge. One of these club scholarships is the Masonic-Range Science Scholarship. This Freemason scholarship is awarded to a senior in high school, a freshman in college or a sophomore in college who has demonstrated an intention to major in a field related to or closely related to science. All applicants for this Freemason’s scholarship must be sponsored by a member of the Society for Range Management or must be a member of the National Association of Conservation Districts. They can also be a member of the Soil and Water Conservation Society.

Applications may be received from September through the middle of January. Applicants are required to submit high school or college transcripts, as applicable. Applicants are also required to submit relevant ACT or SAT scores and a minimum of two recommendation letters. Scholarship amounts have varied in the past, but can be worth up to several thousand dollars. To be considered for these Masonic scholarships it is important to make certain you send in all required materials. For the best chances to win a Masons scholarship, it is critical to send in scholarship applications and materials as early as possible.

In each state, the head of the Masonic lodge also maintains a comprehensive list of available Freemason scholarships that are awarded through the Masons and all affiliate organizations. These Masonic scholarships include the Order of the Rainbow as well as Job’s Daughters.

Masons Scholarships Criteria Vary

When applying for these Freemasons scholarships it is important to keep in mind that such scholarships usually target very specific demographics. For example, some Masons scholarships may target the children of Masons who are now deceased. Other lodge scholarships may be only for the children or grandchildren of specific lodges. In other cases, club scholarships are intended to fund only study within specific areas or at specific colleges or universities. Masonic affiliation may or may not be required. Be sure to check eligibility requirements before attempting to apply for a club scholarship to be certain you are eligible.

To find out more about available Masons scholarships in your local area, it is a good idea to contact your local Masonic lodge. The local lodge can provide you with information about upcoming club scholarships, application deadlines and required materials for submitting an application. You will also be able to find out information regarding whether the available Freemasons scholarships target a specific demographic, field of study or school.

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  • […] Masons Scholarships – The Masons sponsor a variety of different scholarships through local lodges each year. Some Masonic scholarships are specifically targeted for the children of Mason members while other Masonic scholarships are targeted for students without a Masonic association. Available scholarships include the Scottish Rite Scholarships, Grand Commander Scholarships, Public School Administration Scholarship and the Masonic-Range Science Scholarship. […]

    • Tonya Martin, Mother of Gage Bruner (Grandson of Clovis H. Bruner ) of Elk City, Ok says:

      My son Gage Bruner is the Grandson of the late Clovis H. Bruner of whom was a long time member of the Masons of Elk City, Ok. Both his father and Grandfather has passed on. As his mom, a RN,BSN is currently on disability. Gage has a 3.5 GPA and is in his first semester at SWOSU in Weatherford Ok. Does he have a chance for a scholarship and how do I begin? Thank you in advance.


    i want to join in the club.iam tanzanian of 29 age,i was very interested to join in the club.

    • admin says:


      you must contact a club near you, or contact their main office to see where you can sign up to the club of your choice. Many you can sign up online.


    after i have joined the it possible for me to get a scholarship for the masters program which beggin at august this year;the total tuition fees is $20,000 per year.
    is the programe of two years

    • admin says:


      depends on the club. You must contact the club you are a member of and direct this question to them. There are many clubs with many scholarship criteria. Have you considered educational bursaries?

  • My great niece has lived with us since she was one due to circumstances with a single parent household. We are elderly and in bad health. We live on a limited budget and will not be able to help with college. Her grandfather was a Mason, but I don’t know what lodge. He passed away at the age of 42. Her mother was just a child when he passed. We live on a very small town that has a lodge, but I have no idea who to contact. This young lady is very active in school, community, and religious activities. She has a 3.37 GPA. She is active in softball and golf, and has been a cheerleader in our schools since 7th grade. She participates in community efforts such as MD marathons, toys for tots, wounded warriors, feed the homeless. In church, she is the spirit leader for the youth, leading the music service. She participates in mission activities. She also gives blood to the area agency. She is a self-taught guitar picker, and writes lyrics and music, and sings. She is very deserving of all the help she can get. Please let me know if she would be eligible for a scholarship and how we would go about it. Thank you.

  • TIA WILLIAMS 2016 WCHS 12 says:

    I’m great and granddaughter of members of Daughter of ISIS Dayton, Ohio region. Does this scholarship apply to me as well?

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