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The Kiwanis Scholarship

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Kiwanis Club Scholarships

The Kiwanis scholarship is issued across the nation to eligible students. Kiwanis clubs are established not only across the United States, but also across 80 nations around the world. Kiwanis clubs participate in thousands of service projects every year; raising an estimated $107 million for their various communities. The precise activities and Kiwanis club scholarship in which each local chapter participates in can vary. Even so, around the country, thousands of youth benefit from the activities of various local Kiwanis clubs.

When applying for Kiwanis scholarships it can be helpful to understand how the Kiwanis club works. A Board of Trustees heads Kiwanis International, which includes an International President as well as additional officers. An annual convention is held each year where officers are elected to serve at the international level.

Overall, there are 53 administrative districts. A governor heads each district. Furthermore, each district is divided into a service area known as a division. Each division is comprised by between 12 to 20 clubs. A Lieutenant Governor heads each service area. All clubs have their own president as well as a board of directors.

Kiwanis Club Scholarship may Vary

It is important to keep in mind that all Kiwanis clubs assist their communities in various manners. Due to the fact that the needs of all communities are different, all Kiwanis clubs are also different. Consequently, Kiwanis club scholarships are administered differently on each local level. Students who wish to apply for a Kiwanis club scholarship should contact their local Kiwanis club district to find out which Kiwanis scholarships they may be eligible to apply for at their own district level. Always remember that each individual district is completely in charge of their own specific Kiwanis scholarship application processes as well as the distribution of funds.

In most cases, applicants for Kiwanis club scholarships must be a high school senior with plans to attend a post-secondary college or university. They must also usually have a minimum GPA of 3.0. High school transcripts may be required to apply for a Kiwanis scholarship. The deadline to apply for a Kiwanis scholarship can vary from one local chapter to another. The amount of club scholarships can also vary. Scholarship amounts are often around $1,000; but this can vary so it is important to obtain details from your own local chapter. The number of Kiwanis scholarships awarded on each local level can vary and may be based on the amount of funds available for club scholarships during a given year. Contact your local Kiwanis Club to obtain more information about eligibility requirements.

The Kiwanis Scholarship and Key Club International

At one time a Kiwanis scholarship were also issued through the Key Club International, which is the high school branch of Kiwanis Club International. The Key Club International is now no long distributing club scholarships at the international level. The Kiwanis International does participate in a matching program for district club scholarships that are administered locally by Key Club districts. Interested students should contact their own local district to find out which club scholarships are available and to learn more about eligibility requirements.

The Linda Canaday Scholarship is the only scholarship for the Key Club that is offered at the international level. This Kiwanis scholarship was originally created in memory of the First Lady of Kiwanis International, Linda Canaday. The scholarship is worth $1,500 and is awarded to one student per year. Applicants must have been a Key Club member for a minimum of two years. They must also have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA. Applicants are required to send in two recommendation letters along with an official high school transcript when submitting the Kiwanis scholarship application. Additional materials sent in with the scholarship application will not be considered in determining the final award of this Kiwanis scholarship. The deadline for applying for this club scholarship is typically April 1st.

Applying for a Kiwanis club scholarship represents an excellent opportunity for high school students to obtain much needed funds to assist them in their quest to pursue a college education.

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