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Rotary Club Scholarships to Study Abroad

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Rotary Club Scholarships to Study Abroad

Students who will be graduating high school within the next year may wish to consider applying for Rotary Club scholarships to study abroad as a way of supplementing funding for their college education, particularly if they desire to study abroad. The Rotary Club is a service organization in operation around the world. Members of the Rotary Club are volunteers on the local as well as the international level. This foundation provides ambassadorial scholarships to students who are interested in training or studying in another country as a way of gaining cultural understanding and building friendly relations between individuals of different countries.

Rotary Club Scholarships for Studying Abroad

The Rotary Club Academic Year Ambassadorial Scholarship will cover expenses for a winning student to study in another country for up to one academic year or approximately nine months. The student will be required to attend an institution that is assigned by the Rotary Foundation Trustees. The student may also submit a request for an institution, although it should be kept in mind that such a request might not be approved. The Rotary Club scholarship will cover the costs for tuition, room and board as well as educational supplies and also round-trip travel expenses. In addition, if necessary, the Rotary scholarship will also cover up to one month of language training. The award amount for a one-year scholarship will typically range between $11,000 and $23,000, based on the cost of the institution selected. Award amounts do not exceed $23,000.

In addition, the Rotary Club also offers multi-year ambassadorial scholarships that will fund study for a student at a foreign academic institution for between two and three years. In order to qualify for the Rotary club scholarship, the student is required to be working toward the completion of a degree program. The academic institution may be selected by the Rotary Foundation Trustees. The student may also request an academic institution, although requests may not be approved. This Rotary scholarship award is usually up to $11,000 per year to assist in supplementing the pursuit of a degree by the student. Two year Rotary Club scholarships total up to $22,000 while three year Rotary scholarships total up to $33,000.

Rotary Club Scholarship for Foreign Language Study

Rotary Club scholarships also include the Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarship. This scholarship funds foreign language study for a student as well as cultural immersion in an academic institution abroad for a period of three to six months. The three month foreign study scholarship is considered to be appropriate for students who have previously received some training within a specific foreign language. The six month Rotary scholarship is considered to be appropriate for students who may require additional training. Applicants who are interested in studying Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Portuguese, Swahili, Polish, Arabic, Japanese, French, Korean, Swedish or Russian will be considered. Eligible students must have completed a minimum of one year of college level study. Selected students will usually stay with a local family in the selected country. The club scholarship covers the cost of round-trip travel as well as language training and the expenses related to home stays. The maximum three month scholarship is $10,000 while the maximum six month scholarship will not exceed $17,000.

The Rotary Club also sponsors a number of students each year who are chosen to study at Rotary Centers for International Studies. Selected students will study toward the completion of a master’s degree in international relations, peace studies, public administration, conflict resolution, etc.

Interested applicants will need to complete their Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship application through their local Rotary club. Prior to completing the application, it is important to get in contact with your local Rotary Club to ensure your local club actually participates in the Rotary club scholarship program. Application timelines may vary from one club to another. Some deadlines may be as early as March or as late as August. Availability of scholarship funds may also vary per Rotary district.

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