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The Lions Club Scholarships

lions club scholarships

Lions Club Scholarships

As one of the most-well known volunteer organizations in the country, the Lion’s Club is also the sponsor of several important Lions club scholarships that benefit college-bound youth each year. With nearly 1.5 million members serving in 200 countries, the goal of the Lion’s Club is to establish a difference at both the national and the local levels. This is accomplished through a variety of local branches. Offering Lions scholarships is just one way the Lions Club assists at the community level.

Historically, the Lions have strongly stressed the importance of community service and strive to improve their local communities in a variety of manners. Providing Lions club scholarships to deserving youth is just one such example of the way local Lions work to provide community service.

Why Apply for Lions Club Scholarships?

When considering applying for a Lion scholarship through the Lions Club there are several important things to keep in mind. First, the main goal of a Lions scholarship is to offer tuition funds to students to help them in paying for a higher education. Many a Lions Club scholarship offer tuition money to students who might not ordinarily be able to go to college, including those that are hearing or visually impaired. Between 2009 and 2010, Lion scholarships were ranked among the top ten projects for the organization.

Many Types of Lions Scholarships

Many different types of Lions club scholarships are offered through the Lions Club. It should be kept in mind that most Lions scholarships are offered primarily at the local level. Additionally, most of the Lion scholarships offered through the Lions Club are awarded to seniors graduating high school. Many branches of the Lions Club also have student branches that also provide Lions scholarships to student members. In order to qualify for one of these, applicants must be a member of the student arm of the Lions Club.

Lions club scholarships may also be awarded to students who are graduating from specific high schools or who are living in specific areas. In some cases Lion scholarships may be awarded to multiple students at a time, while in other instances others are only awarded to a single student within one year.

Each Lions Club scholarship may be worth a varying amount of money, depending upon the resources of the local branch. The amount of Lions scholarships can usually vary between $500 for one year up to as much as several thousand dollars spread out over several years.

In order to qualify for a Lions Club scholarship, student applicants are required to meet and maintain certain criteria. The qualifications for a Lion scholarship can vary among local branches, but in most cases, applicants are required to be a graduating high school senior with plans to attend an accredited university, college or trade school. Applicants are also usually required to have a specific grade point average. The same requirements may apply in order to continue receiving the Lions club scholarship if the scholarship is to be spread out over more than one year.

Applying Guidelines for a Lions Club Scholarship

  1. To apply for a Lions Club scholarship 2011, students are typically required to submit an application along with an essay on the importance of community service and three letters of recommendation. The quality of the community service essay can be extremely important to the selection of the winning applicant(s).
  2. Each individual Lions Club scholarship 2011 has its own deadline for applying. Deadlines typically vary between the late winter of the year prior to award to early summer. Applications and information regarding entry requirements can usually be found on the local club website as well as through the local club’s headquarters.
  3. High school guidance counselor offices also usually have information about available Lions scholarships and details regarding how to apply.
  4. When applying for a Lions scholarship it is extremely important to make certain you obtain all relevant information, including qualification guidelines and eligibility requirements, deadlines for applying and documents to submit when applying. Applications should always be sent in as early as possible prior to the submission deadline.

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