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The Lions Club Scholarships

lions club scholarships

Lions Club Scholarships

As one of the most-well known volunteer organizations in the country, the Lion’s Club is also the sponsor of several important Lions club scholarships that benefit college-bound youth each year. With nearly 1.5 million members serving in 200 countries, the goal of the Lion’s Club is to establish a difference at both the national and the local levels. This is accomplished through a variety of local branches. Offering Lions scholarships is just one way the Lions Club assists at the community level.

Historically, the Lions have strongly stressed the importance of community service and strive to improve their local communities in a variety of manners. Providing Lions club scholarships to deserving youth is just one such example of the way local Lions work to provide community service.

Why Apply for Lions Club Scholarships?

When considering applying for a Lion scholarship through the Lions Club there are several important things to keep in mind. First, the main goal of a Lions scholarship is to offer tuition funds to students to help them in paying for a higher education. Many a Lions Club scholarship offer tuition money to students who might not ordinarily be able to go to college, including those that are hearing or visually impaired. Between 2009 and 2010, Lion scholarships were ranked among the top ten projects for the organization.

Many Types of Lions Scholarships

Many different types of Lions club scholarships are offered through the Lions Club. It should be kept in mind that most Lions scholarships are offered primarily at the local level. Additionally, most of the Lion scholarships offered through the Lions Club are awarded to seniors graduating high school. Many branches of the Lions Club also have student branches that also provide Lions scholarships to student members. In order to qualify for one of these, applicants must be a member of the student arm of the Lions Club.

Lions club scholarships may also be awarded to students who are graduating from specific high schools or who are living in specific areas. In some cases Lion scholarships may be awarded to multiple students at a time, while in other instances others are only awarded to a single student within one year.

Each Lions Club scholarship may be worth a varying amount of money, depending upon the resources of the local branch. The amount of Lions scholarships can usually vary between $500 for one year up to as much as several thousand dollars spread out over several years.

In order to qualify for a Lions Club scholarship, student applicants are required to meet and maintain certain criteria. The qualifications for a Lion scholarship can vary among local branches, but in most cases, applicants are required to be a graduating high school senior with plans to attend an accredited university, college or trade school. Applicants are also usually required to have a specific grade point average. The same requirements may apply in order to continue receiving the Lions club scholarship if the scholarship is to be spread out over more than one year.

Applying Guidelines for a Lions Club Scholarship

  1. To apply for a Lions Club scholarship 2011, students are typically required to submit an application along with an essay on the importance of community service and three letters of recommendation. The quality of the community service essay can be extremely important to the selection of the winning applicant(s).
  2. Each individual Lions Club scholarship 2011 has its own deadline for applying. Deadlines typically vary between the late winter of the year prior to award to early summer. Applications and information regarding entry requirements can usually be found on the local club website as well as through the local club’s headquarters.
  3. High school guidance counselor offices also usually have information about available Lions scholarships and details regarding how to apply.
  4. When applying for a Lions scholarship it is extremely important to make certain you obtain all relevant information, including qualification guidelines and eligibility requirements, deadlines for applying and documents to submit when applying. Applications should always be sent in as early as possible prior to the submission deadline.

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  • […] Lions Club Scholarships – The goal of the Lion’s Club is to make a difference both on a local as well as a national level. One of the ways this club meets their mission is by providing Lion’s Club scholarships. A variety of different Lion’s Club scholarships are available through local branches. The amount of Lion’s Club scholarships may vary based on local guidelines and availability. Students may be required to meet certain eligibility guidelines, including minimum grade point averages, submission of essays on a specific theme and submitting letters or recommendation. […]

  • Jonathan Bannan says:

    I am a local homeschool student that graduated in December of 2011. I am currently full time at PVCC, and would like to inquire about how to apply for your scholarships.
    Jon Bannan

    • admin says:


      there is a link in the article which will take you to the area you’re looking for – ‘lions scholarship’.

  • rick says:

    I was a past ten year member of the Lions club, having raised much funding for our organization I was actually earned the Lion of the Year Award. Unfortunately I have become disabled by (ironically) “blindness”. I have a Daughter in College whom is in the need of funding. Does the Lions Club have anything available for her? Thank you for your time. Rick Jones

  • Sam Elander says:

    The link in the article, “Lions Scholarships,” is about service awards, and does not tell how to apply for scholarships. Is there a better link? Thank you.

    • admin says:


      High school guidance counselor offices also usually have information about available Lions scholarships and details regarding how to apply.

      • Sam Elander says:

        Thank you for answering. I’m afraid my guidance counselor doesn’t have forms or info about this scholarship (I’ve been checking). If there isn’t a link online, should I call my local Lion’s Club and ask them?
        Thanks so much!

  • mary fischer says:

    My Dad is a Lions Club member, how do I apply for a scholarship? I will be a college sophomore in the Fall.

    • admin says:


      everything is spelled out clearly in the article. There is even a link which will take you to more Lion’s club information too.

  • Anna Schattschneider says:

    Hello, where can I find the current application for the 2012/13 Lion’s Club Scholarship? Thank you!

    • admin says:


      contact your local Lions club and they will assist you on. There is also a link in the article which may help also. Link: ‘Lions Club’

  • Does the Lions Club offer scholarships for Graduate Students?


    • admin says:


      not sure but I’d say no. Check with your local or National about this. The rules and guidelines change yearly from local to local and even national too.



    My name is Rama Diwakar Pawar, we are staying in R.T.Nagar, Bangalore.

    Now, I would like to state that, my son Kishan D. Pawar is studying in 8th std. We are facing a financial crisis.

    I came to know about your institute and also you have helped many poor people like us.

    So, please keep courtesy on us and send us the details, if you are willing to provide a scholarship to us.

    Waiting for your valuable reply.

    Thanks and regards
    Rama Diwakar Pawar.

    My contact No.9663159634.

  • Thomas Keppel says:

    To whom it may concern:

    My name is Thomas Keppel and I am currently a junior at Felician College in northern New Jersey. I am inquiring about scholarship opportunities your organization may have, in order to pay for my last year of college. I am struggling with how I am going to be able to pay for my last year of college. I was wondering if your organization could direct to any scholarship opportunities, even if I am already a college student. When you get a chance, if you can send me a reply, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you,

    Thomas Keppel

  • onesmus kioko says:

    my name is onesmus kioko from Kenya. How can I get to apply for a college scholarship for the year 2013/2014 and I don’t have the contacts of the nearer office of lions club

  • Susan Sumnick says:

    I am a current member in good standing with the Thalia Lions Club in Virginia Beach. My daughter will be graduating in June and entering college in the fall. Are there any scholarships available for Lions Club dependent children?

    Susan Sumnick

  • KDutta says:

    I am applying for my graduate study in USA for Fall 2015 program. I am an international student from India and searching for funding for my studies and living cost in USA. Can I apply for the scholarship? Please suggest.

  • Emily Powers says:

    Hi my name is Emily and I was awarded the Lions scholarship. My problem is I recently cleaned and accidentally threw away the paper with the scholarship Info on it. Is there a way for me to send in my info so I can obtain the scholarship or someone I can contact about this dilemma???

  • michy says:

    im a an alpha leo president and I would really want to apply for a scholarship I hope I will be successful

  • lanchenba says:

    Once I got a scholarship under lions club but it was almost like a one time grant. It was not for my entire mbbs course but only for 1st year.. is it like that something that can’t be renewed for my entire course..RSVP

  • sslee says:

    Hi I am interested to find more abt yr scholarship programme any age limit? What courses? Overseas studies PhD or masters? Thanks
    Education consultant

    • admin says:


      you can direct any questions directly to the scholarship sponsor via their contact page to find out the latest on their offerings.

  • Yours Sophea says:

    Hello! my name’s Sophea, I am Cambodian I was graduated the Bachelor degree in 2014. Now I want to get the Lion club Scholarship. So how can I do?
    I hope the Lion will provide me one day….

  • dhivya says:

    sir/madam I want to study higher studies but I have a fees problem in this so if you able to help me please!

    • admin says:


      you must apply to scholarships, grants and bursaries which you feel you can win. If you don’t apply you will never know. Read more at educational bursaries. Also, apply to your own government bursaries for their easier to apply to and easier to get!

  • S-leo says:

    Hi, I was in the Leos club at my former high school before I moved. It was directly affiliated with the Lions club in my town. will that help me in anyway get a scholarship to college?

  • Rachel Newland says:

    I am currently a PHD student at ASU. I will be presenting at a disability conference with my leader dog at the University of Wisconsin later this year. I am looking for scholarship funding for this trip. Does the Lions Club offer this type of funding?

  • Mildred Grogan says:

    The state of Kentucky passed a bill allowing high school students to graduate early to attend college. Of course the student has to meet ACT benchmarks and other requirements. My daughter will be graduating her junior year. Would a graduating junior be eligible for a Lion’s Club scholarship?

  • Dannyhollars says:

    My name is Danny I am wanting to go back to school in computer science and web design I have some students loans so I was seeing if you can help me with a scholarship.

  • David says:

    My son was “awarded” a scholarship in May of 2015. 4 or 5 attempts to contact our local club have proven unsuccessful to actually obtain a check. Proof of attendance and enrollment have been provided ( in October) still no check. I’m at a loss, I had to pay the scholarship myself so my son could start the second semester. Disappointed! 325 642 5928

    • admin says:


      go to lions club contact page to contact them.

      • David says:

        Like I stated. I have made many contacts. We have not been able to make any headway with the contacts. They just keep making excuses and we still do not have the scholarship in our possession. If I had not been able to pay the bill my son would not have been able to enroll. I need outside help or I would not be here.

        • admin says:


          If you get no where with them then your next best option is to contact your state Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation. You can file a complaint with them, and then the other party must respond to your complaint. Call your state CFR and ask them how to file a complaint. They will direct you where to go on their website for the form to file. Make sure you tell them what your situation you are filing about is.

          This will get you closure one way or the other. The state Commissioner can shut them down – IF they do not respond to your complaint.

  • Amandra says:

    Hi my name is Amandra from Sri Lanka.& im not a lion’s club member.currently im an under graduate student.i want to apply for a schorlaship for my future studies.Is there a special catogary for us.Im engaging in sports like Archery & Rowing with national awards.So with my financial problems im willing to apply for a scholarship.

  • Stuart says:

    Is the scholarship need-based or achievement-based?

  • Jonas says:

    Good evening. I am from Brazil and just passed in the Tax LLM at Georgetown University (Washington, D.C., USA). I called the Lions from my city and, unfortunately, they do not have a precise answer regarding scholarships. Therefore, I would like to ask you if, been from Brazil, there is any scholarship that fits into my necessities.

    Thank you.

  • pavithra says:

    Hi i just want to know is their any possibility of getting a scholarship of the lions club. i am studying mbbs 3rd year and suffering to pay my collage fees. if somebody can help me with the details of which i should do to avail the scholarship.

    i am from chennai (avadi) studying in trichy.

  • Maripaz Cervantes says:

    Hello my name is Maripaz Cervantes and I’ve been part of the Leo Club for 6 years and would greatly appreciate if you guy’s can help me recieve this scholarship.

  • Nyasha Mapanda says:

    i am a Leo in Zimbabwe and i need a scholarship in United states of America what will i do then

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