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4-H Scholarships from the Youth Club

4-h scholarships

4-H Scholarships

4-H club members may be able to qualify for a wide number of 4-H scholarships that are offered around the country. 4-H is one of the largest youth organizations in the country and has four goals. Those goals are to improve the head, hands, heart and health of an individual. Toward that end, students who are members of a local 4-H club may be able to qualify for available 4-H scholarships.

How to get 4-H Scholarships

Throughout the country, most states sponsor a state fair. Students who exhibit livestock at their state fair may be able to qualify for a 4-H college scholarship for their promotion of agriculture. In order to be eligible for such a club scholarship most students must be a resident of the state in which the state fair is held and must also be a member of a 4-H club in that state. Additionally, they may also be required to have exhibited livestock at their state fair while maintaining a minimum 2.5 GPA. Minimum ACT or SAT scores may also be required to qualify for the club scholarship. Applicants should also demonstrate leadership abilities as well as demonstrate an economic need for financial assistance. Applicants who are awarded a 4-H scholarship may be required to carry a minimum number of semester hours while enrolled in college. The typical requirement is 12 semester hours.

The 4-H National Scholarships

4-H members may also wish to apply for the National Wild turkey Federation’s Academic Scholarship program. This scholarship program has an application deadline of January 1st. To be eligible for this club scholarship, students are required to be a graduating senior who has a 3.0 GPA. Students must be planning to pursue a degree at an accredited institution and must also support the preservation of the tradition of hunting while actively participating in hunting sports. Applicants will be required to submit a copy of their current hunting license. Students must be involved in school activities including various clubs while also demonstrating community involvement and leadership, such as work in clubs like 4-H. Applicants will be required to submit an essay as well as an autobiography that exhibits their dedication to the conservation of the tradition of hunting. Three letters of recommendation will also be required and must be attached to the scholarship application. Letters of recommendation for the scholarship program should be from a teacher, community leader and counselor.

Local scholarship winners will receive at least $250 as a scholarship award. Each state scholarship winner will receive at least $1,000 in scholarship funding. National scholarships are also awarded. National winners receive awards of $10,000. Winning students may use their scholarship award funds at accredited institutions, such as a junior college, technical college, community college or state university. Funds must be used for tuition, fees, books and housing. Funds for 4-H scholarships may be issued directly to the selected institution of higher learning.

The goal of 4-H is to empower youth to realize their full potential. The 4-H community spans more than 6 million adults and youth around the country who work together to bring about a positive change. Overall, 4-H enables the youth of America to become leaders through hands-on research and learning through participation in 4-H adult mentorship and youth programs as a way of giving something back to their local communities.

Students who are planning to apply for a 4-H scholarship should check with their local 4-H chapters to find out which club scholarships are available both on a local level as well as on a state and national level. It is also important to verify application deadlines as such deadlines may vary from one local chapter to another. In addition, it is important to verify application eligibility requirements and processes for local 4-H scholarships. Award amounts may also vary for local club scholarships based on funding availability. 4-H scholarships offer an excellent opportunity for college-bound students to obtain the funds they need to pursue their educational goals.

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