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Beta Club Scholarship

beta club scholarship

Beta Club Scholarships

A National Beta Club scholarship can be a good way for students with an eye toward college to fund their educational pursuits. The National Beta Club is the largest non-profit, independent educational youth organization in the country. One of the ways in which this organization recognizes the academic achievement of members is through the National Beta Club scholarship program.

As an organization for students in grades five through twelve, there are two divisions to the National Beta Club; the Junior Beta Club and Senior Beta Club. The goal of the club is to recognize academic achievement, character, leadership and service. Dr. John w. Harris, a professor at Wofford College, originally founded the club in 1934. Today there are more than 8,400 individual clubs situated in 42 states and 8 territories. The Junior Division of the Beta club was founded in 1961. Overall, there are more than 430,000 Beta Club members in both the Junior and Senior divisions. There are also more than 6 million alumni of the Beta Club.

More than $250,000 is offered in Beta club scholarship awards through the National Beta Club. These club scholarships are awarded to members of the Beta Club who are considered to be outstanding students during their senior year in high school. More than 200 Beta Club scholarships are awarded annually. These scholarships range in value from $1,000 to $15,000.

How to Win a National Beta Club Scholarship

To be eligible to receive a National Beta Club scholarship students must be a high school senior and must also be an active National Beta Club member. They must also be registered with the national Beta Club headquarters by June 30th preceding their senior year. Applicants must also be nominated by their local chapter in order to be eligible to compete in the scholarship program.

Selection of the winners for the National Beta Club scholarship program is based on a variety of several factors with a special emphasis placed on academic excellence as well as commendable character, demonstrated leadership, community and school service. Applicants must also participate in National Beta Club activities. Each local Beta Club chapter may choose to nominate up to two senior members who demonstrate the goals of the club, which are leadership, academic excellence and community/school service. The deadline for scholarship applications is December 10th. Students planning to pursue all fields of study are eligible to apply for the club scholarships.

Students who are interested in applying for the Beta scholarship should contact their local Beta Club chapter for additional information. The importance of carefully researching and completing all application materials should be kept in mind. The greatest chances of winning a scholarship will be by understanding the requirements from the beginning and making sure they are met. An excellent first step in obtaining a Beta club scholarship is to identify the goals of the club and to ensure you exemplify those goals.

You may also wish to check with your local Beta Club sponsor to find out whether any additional local scholarships may also be available that can assist you in funding your educational pursuits. Along with winning a Beta Club scholarship, being a member of the Beta Club may also help you to become eligible for other scholarships that may be available for students who exhibit strong academic and leadership qualities.

Membership requirements for the Beta club can vary according to each local chapter. In order to become a member of their local Beta Club chapter, students must typically have a minimum GPA. The minimum GPA requirements are determined by each individual chapter. GPA requirements of 2.5 to 3.0 are common. According to the national constitution for this club, member students must be working at or above grade level. There is a $15 membership fee that applies to incoming members of the Beta Club. Membership in the Beta Club can be transferred from one school to another, provided membership requirements for the incoming school are met.

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