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Better Business Bureau Scholarship Programs

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Better Business Bureau Scholarships

High school students looking for ways to fund their college education may be interested in applying for Better Business Bureau scholarships hosted throughout the country each year. The Student of Integrity Scholarship is hosted by many chapters of the Better Business Bureau throughout the United States each year. Applicants for the scholarship must demonstrate character, ethics and leadership. Winners of the scholarship are awarded cash scholarships that can be used to pay for post-high school educational costs at accredited schools. Candidates applying for Better Business Bureau scholarships must be enrolled as high school juniors or seniors and must be able to demonstrate outstanding integrity and leadership qualities.

High School Students Benefit from Better Business Bureau Scholarships

The BBB scholarship program was established for the purposes of recognizing outstanding high school students who demonstrate high ethics through community service, leadership, overall personal integrity and academic history. The goal behind this club scholarship award is to foster ethics and integrity among those youth who will one day manage, staff and lead business’s around the nation. Up to as many as five students may be selected to win the BBB scholarship. Award amounts may vary from one Better Business Bureau to another and can amount to as much as $2,500.

Applications for the club scholarships may vary according to local Better Business Bureau scholarship guidelines. Application and eligibility guidelines may also vary from one BBB branch to another. Due to this, it is important for all applicants to verify the guidelines for applying for the BBB scholarship with their local Better Business Bureau organization. In some local branches, scholarship application guidelines may be based on the submission of an essay. The theme of the essay may vary among local Better Business Bureau organizations and may also vary from year to year.

Eligible students may also be required to have a minimum grade point average, such as a minimum 3.5 GPA in order to qualify for the high school scholarship program. Common essay themes are related to standard business practices and ethics within business relationships and practices.

Essays submitted by applicants for the BBB scholarship program should be typically typed using a double-spaced format and must include the applicant’s name as well as the name of the student’s high school on each page of the essay. Applicants should make certain they fully discuss their viewpoints based on the relevant essay theme, while also providing applicable examples that relate to the theme of the essay.

Independent panels of judges typically evaluate submitted essays based on a variety of criteria. Criteria for the essays usually include relevance to the stated theme, grammar and spelling, clarity, readability, overall portrayal, organization and creativity in presentation. Essays should typically not exceed 1,000 word or four pages. Sponsoring local Better Business Bureau chapters may also require applicants to submit a completed BBB scholarship application as well as a letter of recommendation from a counselor, faculty/staff member, community leader or employer. Applicants should keep in mind that no portions of the application should be submitted as incomplete. Incomplete applications may be deemed to as inadmissible.

The Better Business Bureau also sponsors several other club scholarship programs and opportunities throughout the many chapters located around North America. Among those scholarship programs is the Torch Award Scholarship Program. As part of this program, cash scholarships may be offered to several students who compose the best essays on various essay topics, including the importance of integrity and ethics in business.

Local Better Business Bureau scholarships are often offered in conjunction with a partnership with local businesses and organizations. As a result, the amount of the scholarship as well as the number of club scholarships offered and application criteria may vary slightly. Interested students should check with their local Better Business Bureau branch to find out specifics regarding local scholarship opportunities. Better Business Bureau scholarships are offered to applicants throughout the United States as well as Canada and also communities in Mexico that are served by Better Business Bureau chapters.

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