Club scholarships for college!

Club Scholarships for College

club scholarships

Club Scholarships

High school and college students looking for additional avenues for funding their college education may wish to consider applying for a variety of different club scholarships. Around the country and even the world, a number of different scholarships from clubs are offered to qualifying students. College club scholarships are awards that are sponsored by various types of clubs and organizations as a way of assisting youth while also promoting the mission and goals of the sponsoring club or organization. Some of the most common club scholarships include the following.

Club Scholarships from Many Clubs

VFW Scholarships – The VFW sponsors a number of scholarship programs for the purposes of providing educational opportunities for the children of veterans of foreign wars as well as students who do not have a veteran or military association. VFW sponsors many different scholarships through their local VFW posts and partner organizations, including the Voice of Democracy Scholarship Competition, the Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest, the VFW Scout of the Year Scholarship and the Ladies Auxiliary VFW Scholarship Contest.

Elks Club Scholarships – The Elks National Foundation sponsors a number of scholarship programs each year for the purpose of building stronger communities. One such scholarship is the Most Valuable Student Scholarship, which is a multiple year scholarship awarded to eligible students. The Elks also sponsor Legacy Awards as well as Emergency Educational Grants. Specific eligibility criteria do apply to these scholarship programs.

Rotary Club Scholarships – Each year local Rotary Clubs sponsor a number of Rotary Club Ambassadorial Scholarships. These Rotary Club scholarships cover expenses for students to study in a foreign country. Covered expenses include round-trip travel, tuition, room and board, academic expenses and language training, if necessary. A variety of different Ambassadorial Scholarships are offered ranging between three months up to three years.

Moose Lodge Scholarships – Each year the Moose Association sponsors the R. Robert Dale Scholarship Program, which awards numerous scholarships around the country to eligible applicants. All scholarships are worth $1,000. Eligible students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and must have a parent, grandparent or legal guardian with a Moose membership.

Masons Scholarships – The Masons sponsor a variety of different scholarships through local lodges each year. Some Masonic scholarships are specifically targeted for the children of Mason members while other Masonic scholarships are targeted for students without a Masonic association. Available scholarships include the Scottish Rite Scholarships, Grand Commander Scholarships, Public School Administration Scholarship and the Masonic-Range Science Scholarship.

Lions Club Scholarships – The goal of the Lion’s Club is to make a difference both on a local as well as a national level. One of the ways this club meets their mission is by providing Lion’s Club scholarships. A variety of different Lion’s Club scholarships are available through local branches. The amount of Lion’s Club scholarships may vary based on local guidelines and availability. Students may be required to meet certain eligibility guidelines, including minimum grade point averages, submission of essays on a specific theme and submitting letters or recommendation.

Kiwanis Scholarships – Kiwanis Scholarships are made available to eligible students annually. Each Kiwanis district is responsible for hosting their own specific scholarship programs. Consequently, the award amount and eligibility guidelines may vary from one Kiwanis district to another. Scholarship amounts are often $1,000. Eligibility guidelines typically include meeting minimum grade point averages.

Better Business Bureau Scholarships (BBB Scholarships) – Local Better Business Bureau branches often sponsor the Student of Integrity Scholarship, which award eligible students who demonstrate character, leadership and ethics. Applicants may be required to submit an essay on a chosen theme and may also be required to submit a letter of recommendation. Award amounts, eligibility guidelines and deadlines may vary from one Better Business Bureau branch to another.

Chamber of Commerce Scholarships – Around the country, a variety of different scholarships are offered through local chamber of commerce organizations. Each individual chamber is responsible for dictating their own scholarship guidelines and award amounts. Larger chamber of commerce scholarship programs students may wish to apply for include the California Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation Scholarship, the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Scholarship and the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce Scholarship.

University Womens Club Scholarships for Moms If you will be attending any college or university and are a mom you may be interested in the University Womens Club Student Scholarship. The main goal of the UWC club is to build up friendships within the club to strengthen it so it thrives. Every university will have its own set of eligibility guidelines and award amounts do vary so inquire into each one at the university center.

Overseas Press Club Foundation Scholarship – Created in 1939 this  journalism club  is for foreign correspondents who do overseas coverage. To improve the media’s understanding of international issues and to raise the quality of news-gathering efforts in covering the world is the main goal behind this club. Normally, there are 12 scholarship winners who are awarded $2,000 each towards their journalism education.

First Friday Breakfast Club Scholarship – awards $2,500 towards winners who exhibit  work in the efforts to increase awareness and tolerance for the gay and lesbian community. This club meets the first Friday of each month. You don’t have to be gay or lesbian to apply either.

University of Michigan Club of Greater Detroit Scholarships 
University of Michigan Club of Greater Detroit Scholarships help Michigan University students pay for the high cost of attending the UOM.

Sam Scholarship Programs
The Sam Club Scholarship Program has become synonymous with community service. The Sam’s Club membership outlet is a family-owned corporation.

Beta Club Scholarship
A National Beta Club scholarship can be a good way for students with an eye toward college to fund their educational pursuits.

Horse Club Scholarships from AQHA
Members of the American Quarter Horse Association may be eligible for AQHA horse club scholarships.

4-H Scholarships from the Youth Club
4-H club members may qualify for 4-H scholarships that are offered around the country. 4-H is one of the largest youth clubs in the country.

Organizational Scholarships from Clubs
Organizational scholarships from clubs and organizations around the country offer club scholarships by their organizations.

Many other club scholarships exist today and if you are a member of a club you can just ask them if they do indeed sponsor a scholarship which you can apply to. The above are some prominent ones.

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